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  1. Ann Pereira says:

    WANTED: long-term rental (1+ years) single family home, Incline or North Lake:
    • 3-4 bedrooms, > 2,200 square feet
    • up to $6.5K rent
    • Beginning in March, April or May
    • For 2-3 adults, employed, with excellent credit, and 1 dog (housebroken, old, well-trained, large, clean, quiet)

  2. Vicki Koepp says:

    2 adults, 1 small mini Schnauzer
    Would like all July and August
    We vacate 125° in Phoenix. Good, clean tenants,

    • Andy says:

      Still looking? May have 2 bdrm 180 steps from Lake .. South Lake Tahoe

      • Kimberly Burton says:

        I am searching for a long term rental. 1 adult and 1 small child and a small dog housebroken, old, well-trained, clean and quiet. I have great credit and employed full time as a supply chain manager.
        Looking for a 2/2 with washer and dryer in the unit.
        $2000 per month max.
        We would be clean quiet a d respectful.

  3. Lori Buchan says:

    WANTED: A long-term rental for one adult and pets, in South Lake Tahoe. Under $1200. I have a small dog and 2 cats. I have been employed locally at the same job for over 23 years. Long time resident. Good credit score. Great references for both me and my pets. I’m responsible and clean.

  4. lisa says:

    Will be looking most likely in July – long term tenant for couple and they want to sell sounds like. Owned for 1 years, divorced and now have rented this house for 9 years – single older female with old cat that has a cat condo – landlords will give fantastic recommendation – will take anything in South Lake Tahoe between 1100-1500. Cannot go above that. Credit score is 809. Thanks so much.

  5. Monique Hamrick says:

    Need a 1 bedroom; would prefer North Shore. Single male, local resident with full time job as an electrician. No pets. Can afford $1400 max. Can provide excellent recommendations. Clean, quiet professional.

  6. Traci Kennedy says:

    Long time South Lake Tahoe local looking for a 3/2 long term rental. I have two adult children that need rooms when they are home for summer and holidays. Otherwise, it’s just me and my two well trained dogs. I have worked at the local hospital for over 20 years and have lived in my current house for 12. The owner has decided to sell. Thank you for your consideration!

  7. Micjelle Hart says:

    looking long term, in south Tahoe ..moving back to California were I am from. currently employed and received a job offer in south Tahoe. needing a place for June. no pets non smoker.
    no kids. Good credit single older female. I will take first available up to 1400 max.
    Thank you.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Looking for anything, my family and I will be homeless in five days. Our daughter really needs a clean and safe place to live..

  9. John says:

    We are looking for long, long term 2/3 bedroom. Elderly couple, no pets, no parties, no stairs! Lived here 6 years and owner is selling. We are desperate.

  10. Brooke Castellucci says:

    Looking for a long term rental for myself, my partner and our dog. Hoping for a 2 bedroom. We will both be working in South Lake Tahoe – myself at Lakeland Village and would love something not farther than 20 minutes.

    Please contact with availability! We are hoping to be there by August.

  11. Joseph Savelli says:

    WANTED: 1 year rental, 1-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bath.
    Rent: up to 3,000
    Single Adult with Dog (ESA certified, trained and well behaved lab)

    Moving to area for first time. Employed and great tenant

  12. Kha Yang says:

    Hi! I just accepted a job offer in Truckee that starts on 07/19/2021. I have 2 dogs under 25 pounds (Chiweenie & Mini Pin). Interested in a 2 bedroom and max is i can afford is 2k a month.

  13. Austin Monarch says:

    Hello! Me and my girlfriend just got job offers in the Lake Tahoe area and are looking to live in south lake. We are wanting something small.. 1bd 1bth and looking to live year-round. Our budget is about $1600, please let us know if anything becomes available. Feel free to call/text 661-238-6155 or 661-300-1590

  14. Rebecca Wilczynski says:

    Hi, I have been working from home for a few months and thought it would be nice to take advantage of that and visit some other places. I am looking for a studio or 1 bed for about a month beginning asap.
    It would be just for myself. I work full time, am respectful and quiet. Budget of approx $1500.

  15. Christine Love says:

    WANTED: 1 Year Rental 2-3 bdrm/1-2.5 ba
    RENT: $2000 – $2300 Max/month
    Single Adult w/ cat but would love to have a dog for hiking and kayaking adventures…so Pet Friendly would be perfect.
    Full-time Remote Job – Very Good Credit – Looking to Relocate by 8/15/2021 and Live in Lake Tahoe, CA

  16. Adam Farhan says:

    WANTED: 6 Month to 1 Year rental in South Lake.
    • 2-3 bedrooms
    • Up to $3200 Rent

    My girlfriend and I are moving out of our place in Stateline, NV in the middle of September 2021. She is a nursing manager in Tahoe and I am an engineer,


  17. Nicole Neshat says:

    Looking for a 1 month rental- Aug 8 to Sept 8, ideally but flexible. I unfortunately fell for a scam and figured that out today – looking for a replacement property.

    Ideally 2 BR, open to 1 BR. Just for me and my mini maltipoo princess (ESA).
    Targeting somewhere around $2k for rent, flex.

  18. Bryan M. says:

    Hi, 22 yr old single guy no pets looking for a studio or 1 bed 1 bath apartment for rent starting August 1st 2021 under 1200 preferably or a 2 bed unit under 1900.

  19. Trevor says:

    Looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom home , preferably with some type of small yard or space. 2500ish. 1-2 car garage preferably. Long term. Flexible on most of it all just looking to move back “home” from San Diego working as a solar sales manager and also venturing into real estate with a top team up there in Tahoe. Have always had good references and good experiences with taking care of EVERY home I’ve ever lived. Move in date – preferably September 1st , could do mid august if needed probably. Will be living with my best friend whom is currently employed as well as a sales floor rep with the new holiday inn used to be the ridge. Both are quiet , VERY clean, non-smokers, willing to tackle any projects that end up needing to be done , small fixes etc , keeping the place nice and shoveled in winter etc. Had lived in Tahoe for ten years nearly before moving down to SD three years ago and can’t wait to get back to the mountains back to my family and new opportunity, hiking, camping, and all around enjoying the pure beauty of the lake I miss dearly ! I sincerely need a house and haven’t had any luck finding anything legitimate, I know there is a special person with a special place out there we would be perfect for. No crazy kids running around, or young partiers destroying anything and will be happy to ensure the place is left better than we came into.

  20. Raymond tovar says:

    Looking for a long term rental, 2 bd 1 Bath or 1 bed 1 bath. Gf and i landed jobs up in Tahoe just need a place to stay. 1 cat no kids. Year long rental preference

  21. Lauren says:

    I’m looking for a 2 bedroom with great light, some outdoor space, view if possible, with dishwasher, full fridge, washer and dryer, etc. I am a single 33 year old woman (no kids or partner) looking for my new home starting Sept 2021 for 12 months. Furnished is ok if our tastes align or unfinished! Looking in South Lake Tahoe or within 15-20minutes of SLT.

  22. Fran Ulloa Rogel says:

    Hi, im looking for a 4 bedroom home for rent since middle of December until middle of March
    Rent: max $2000 if it’s possible

  23. Kate Morris says:

    Hello, Looking for a 1 bedroom home or apartment that is dog friendly! ASAP
    Can pay up to $1800/ month (2 people, 2 dogs)

  24. Douglas says:

    2-3 bedroom, 2+ bathroom pet friendly home for 3 people. 1-2 year lease preferred.

    can pay up to $2200 per a month – maybe more depending on the property.

  25. Ericka says:

    My boyfriend and I are looking for a long term rental. We’re responsible, quiet tenants with no pets. Looking for a 1-2 bedroom (preferably 1) and we can spend up to $1850. Thank you!

  26. Vanessa says:


    Looking for Long Term Housing in South Lake Tahoe, CA, Stateline, NV or Zephyr Cove, NV (1 year lease) 2 bedroom 2 bath preferred with garage is a plus.

    It is just my boyfriend and I. 0 pets. We are both local and work for Tahoe government agencies. Low maintenance renters, reliable, respectful and VERY clean. Excellent credit and rental references.

    Our lease ends at the end of December but we can move out within a 2 weeks notice minimum.

  27. Francisca Cerqueti says:

    Hi! My name is Francisca, I am from Argentina. I am traveling to South Lake Tahoe with my friends in December, 1st to March, 20th (4 months) in a Work and Travel Program. We are four friends and we have been hired by Heveanly Ski Resort, Vail. We would like to stay in a house near our job placement, can you offer us a house for rent? I would really apreciate the information! Thank you!

    • Frank Andrews says:

      Still looking? Have 5BR 3bath 2c+ garage plus other off street parking fully and comfortably furnished. All appliances.
      Private backyard. Upper deck and lower covered patio. Hot tub.

      6+ off street parking spaces including the 2 in garage.

      Available immediately. Lower Kingsbury in Stateline.

  28. Gianna Vani says:

    Tidy yoga instructor looking for a space in a safe/clean neighborhood.
    1-2 bedrooms with a washer/dryer in unit. Budget is under $1,500/month.
    Would prefer to rent as a single, but could share a space with another clean tenant.

    I appreciate your time and hope that you may help me find a home.
    Thank you and have a beautiful day. Namaste

  29. Kelly says:

    Hi! I´m looking for a rental house for 4 people with 2 bedrooms and maybe 1,5 or 2 bathrooms, nearby Heavenly. From December to April.

  30. Dana Pope says:

    Looking for a 2 – 4 bedroom home for seasonal rental. No pets, non-smoking.

  31. Octavio Visconti says:

    Looking for a short term rental, 3/4 bd 2 Bath. Some friends and I are going to work at Heavenly Ski Resorts for the winter season and need a place to stay. From November 30th til March 20th.

    • Frank Andrews says:

      Still looking? Have 5BR 3bath 2c+ garage plus other off street parking fully and comfortably furnished. All appliances.
      Private backyard. Upper deck and lower covered patio. Hot tub.

      6+ off street parking spaces including the 2 in garage.

      Available immediately. Lower Kingsbury in Stateline.

  32. Stephanie Reyes says:

    Family of 3 adults 2 children ages 3 and 5 looking for long term rental. We received a 60 day notice as the complex we have lived in 4 years has been sold and wants all current tenants out. Husband and I are military veterans. I work full time and go to school for nursing. My husband works full time in construction. My mother helps with the kids when my work school/schedule conflicts with childcare. We have 1 dog. Weimaraner. House trained. 8 years old. We received a 60 day notice and would like to be moved in before snow starts to stick.

    • Frank Andrews says:

      Still looking? Have 5BR 3bath 2c+ garage plus other off street parking fully and comfortably furnished. Available immediately. Lower Kingsbury in Stateline.

  33. Exequiel says:

    Hello, my name is Exequiel, I’m from Argentina. We are a group of 3 people looking for a house (up to 6 people) for this winter season. This is going to be our 3rd season there, if you need any references about us please let me know. Our dates are Dec 10th to April 10th.

    Any information its value for us, I’ll appreciate it.


    • Frank Andrews says:

      Still looking? Have 5BR 3bath 2c+ garage plus other off street parking fully and comfortably furnished. Available immediately. Lower Kingsbury in Stateline.

  34. Jen says:

    Single woman and 2 year old dog with references seeking studio or one bedroom for 6 month lease or longer. Barton employee. Dog goes to dog daycare and is not left alone in the house. Budget is $1700 or less. Thank you!

  35. Stacy Greer says:

    We are looking for a long term lease on the Nevada side of Tahoe. At least 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, must have garage. Family of four, two kids 13 & 14. Looking to move in January 2022. Rent under $5k/month

    • Frank Andrews says:

      Still looking? Have 5BR 3bath 2c+ garage plus other off street parking fully and comfortably furnished. Available immediately. Lower Kingsbury in Stateline.

  36. Morgan Gunnell says:

    Single and needing a 1 bedroom. Will sign a long term lease. Born and raised in Douglas County and need a place ASAP. I work fulltime in Stateline and commuting up and down Kingsbury is a nightmare.

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