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  1. Ann Pereira says:

    WANTED: long-term rental (1+ years) single family home, Incline or North Lake:
    • 3-4 bedrooms, > 2,200 square feet
    • up to $6.5K rent
    • Beginning in March, April or May
    • For 2-3 adults, employed, with excellent credit, and 1 dog (housebroken, old, well-trained, large, clean, quiet)

  2. Vicki Koepp says:

    2 adults, 1 small mini Schnauzer
    Would like all July and August
    We vacate 125° in Phoenix. Good, clean tenants,

  3. Lori Buchan says:

    WANTED: A long-term rental for one adult and pets, in South Lake Tahoe. Under $1200. I have a small dog and 2 cats. I have been employed locally at the same job for over 23 years. Long time resident. Good credit score. Great references for both me and my pets. I’m responsible and clean.

  4. lisa says:

    Will be looking most likely in July – long term tenant for couple and they want to sell sounds like. Owned for 1 years, divorced and now have rented this house for 9 years – single older female with old cat that has a cat condo – landlords will give fantastic recommendation – will take anything in South Lake Tahoe between 1100-1500. Cannot go above that. Credit score is 809. Thanks so much.

  5. Monique Hamrick says:

    Need a 1 bedroom; would prefer North Shore. Single male, local resident with full time job as an electrician. No pets. Can afford $1400 max. Can provide excellent recommendations. Clean, quiet professional.

  6. Traci Kennedy says:

    Long time South Lake Tahoe local looking for a 3/2 long term rental. I have two adult children that need rooms when they are home for summer and holidays. Otherwise, it’s just me and my two well trained dogs. I have worked at the local hospital for over 20 years and have lived in my current house for 12. The owner has decided to sell. Thank you for your consideration!

  7. Micjelle Hart says:

    looking long term, in south Tahoe ..moving back to California were I am from. currently employed and received a job offer in south Tahoe. needing a place for June. no pets non smoker.
    no kids. Good credit single older female. I will take first available up to 1400 max.
    Thank you.

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