What are my rights as a tenant?
California Tenant and Landlord Rights

Where can I find employment in South Lake Tahoe?
Heavenly Employment Opportunities

Sierra at Tahoe Employment Opportunities

Tahoe Tribune Classifieds

Does it snow at Tahoe?
Yes…be prepared! Winters can be incredibly harsh or very mild. Snow will fall however between the months of October and May. Snow is not uncommon in June and September. Remember that there are (2) two seasons in Lake Tahoe…August and Winter!

Are your rentals pet friendly?
That depends on the unit…some are and some are not. Be prepared to post a pet deposit even in units that are deemed “Pet Friendly”

When is the rent due?
Generally rent is due on the first of the month and a late fee is assessed on the 7th of the month.

Can I pay My Rent Online?
Yes! We encourage utilizing our online tenant area where you can pay your rent, view your current and past statements and make maintenance requests…all without leaving your living room!

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong With My Rental?
We understand that things happen and if an issue arises that was not created by the tenant then TPM acting for the owner will generally fix almost all issues within reason.Example: If you break a window due to your negligence then it will up to you to repair that damage. If the garbage disposal quits working then generally this would be a TPM maintenance issue. The staff at TPM strives to create harmony between you the tenant, the homeowner and TPM the management company.

I signed a lease but need to break it. What are my options?
Remember that when entering into a contract and then breaching that contract will have consequences. Carefully determine whether a lease is right for you before entering into one. Breaking a lease may force you to pay the entire balance of whatever is left on the lease term unless an agreement can be reached between you and the homeowner. Think before you sign!

I Can Not Pay the Rent This Month…What Happens?
Not paying the rent by the specified time-frame in your agreement can trigger unwanted events to begin. Typically TPM tries to work with the tenant the first time this may happen as job losses, health issues and other unforeseen things occur and we understand this. But non-payment or late payments become habitual then a notice to pay rent or quit will be delivered. If within the 3 days specified rent has not been paid then the eviction process will more than likely proceed. Lets us not go there!

Will I Get My Deposit Back?
That is entirely up to you. Normal wear and tear cannot be deducted from your deposit i.e paint. But wear and tear that is not deemed normal can result in a loss of part or all of your deposit. Please read the California and Nevada rules regarding return of deposits

Do You Charge a Late Fee?
Yes. The rent is typically due on the first of the month and a late fee is automatically assessed at midnight of the 6th if rent has not been paid. If an online payment has been made prior to the cutoff but has not “funded” no penalty will be assessed unless of course the payment is denied.

Who Pays the Utilities?
Typically the homeowner pays the Water/Sewer/Garbage and all other utilities are the tenants responsibility. Keep in mind that as soon as the agreement is signed the tenant should make immediate arrangements to have their utilities turned on for the appropriate date. Failure to do so will result in a penalty/back utility costs as the homeowner and/or TPM will be paying these utilities for you.

What Happens at the End of My Lease Term?
Good question! The homeowner can either terminate (with proper notice) any extension of the lease, give you a new lease (with changes) to review, make the tenancy month to month or renew your existing lease with no changes. Either way it is best to contact  TPM a few months prior to the lease ending to determine the best route for you to take.

Snow Removal
Generally it is the tenants responsibility to provide their own snow removal. TPM can help you find a reliable snow removal vendor if you wish.

Roommates and Changes
Anytime there is a change of habitation with regards to tenants TPM needs to approve and make changes to the agreement. No Exceptions! A New application for that person must be submitted and approved by TPM staff.

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