Lake Tahoe Management, Inc is proud to be the parent company for their long-term rental division; Tahoe Property Management (TPM). TPM is the the new era in property management taking an old and stale property management formula and creating a dynamic web 2.0 designed foundation to successfully market our homeowners Lake Tahoe properties and to deliver the highest service and convenience to our clients/tenants.

LTM/TPM offers the combination of competitive rates and a vast knowledge of the Lake Tahoe Basin. Knowing the ins and outs of seasonal changes from both the economic and environmental categories of resort town living will ensure that your property is ahead of the curve both physically and financially. And with an on-call support staff of carpenters, plumbers, electricians and heating personnel, rest assured that any events can be dealt with promptly and professionally.

LTM/TPM is located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe which affords easy access to a majority of our rental properties. This allows multiple property checks during the length of a tenancy and not a check-in/check out approach to management. Your property will be inspected on a regular basis and reports electronically sent to you as problems and/or issues occur.

The benefits of a “hands on” local management company are many but the peace of mind knowing that your valuable Lake Tahoe property is being cared for meticulously and marketed to obtain the highest possible return is incalculable.

Our marketing efforts range from the “old school” approach of print media to a myriad of state of the art cutting edge marketing methods that range from e-flyers, blogs, multiple web portals, good old-fashioned web sites and the tried and true method of word of mouth and networking.

If you are looking for different kind of Lake Tahoe property management company with a different culture between homeowner, management and tenant then you may want to explore our approach further.

Please call 888-988-1964 or e-mail to discuss your Lake Tahoe property management needs with one of our South Lake Tahoe resident experts.

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  1. Lori Pinto says:

    Please call me to discuss long term rental for my property in South Lake Tahoe. Thank you! Lori Pinto

    • Molly Turner says:

      Hi Lori-
      Is your rental available for lease? We are looking for long term. Saw your post for inquiry while on the website for Tahoe Prop. Mgmt.

  2. Sarah Velasquez says:


    For those fixing up a fixer-upper, there are many factors to consider including when to call in professionals to help with larger issues – from plumbing to electrical work.

    And after the remodel is complete, it’s time for yet another choice: should the home be rented or sold?

    I’d love to offer guidance on this matter to your site visitors in the form of an advice-driven article. Does this topic sound like one that would be of interest to them? If so, I can get started on the article right away.

    Thank you!

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